Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cooking for my mother

My sister called me that our mother lost appetite and got ill. I decided to go to stay and cook for a month at my parents’ for my mother. She used to be bit over-weight. When I arrived at my parents’ house, my mother was very skinny. She was too weak to even speak up what she wanted.
According to my sister, she started eating very little. When she was in a hospital, she didn’t want to eat. My sister prefers cooking simple meals and doesn’t like cooking much. She made Japanese hotpot or Nabe, and Variety of ingredients cooked in large pot or Oden. They are nice simple Japanese Winter meals. However, because my mother is very good cook and love to eat, I know she love to eat Japanese dishes which is more complex. I wanted to make something easy to digest and meet her taste bud. She has high blood pressure problem. She used to cook and eat low sodium meals and will not eat any salty meals. Go good soup stock is key to cook dishes with less sodium without losing flavors. I made Dashi (Japanese soup stock) from Iriko (Dried small fish) which home cooks in Hiroshima use instead of dried bonito flakes to make Miso soup. Using this sock, I made Miso soup, Chawanmushi( steamed egg dish), cooked root vegetables, and most Japanese dishes. I hope that eating slow food which I prepared from fresh ingredients with love make her healthy and happy.
My mother told me that I make more Japanese meals than my sister who live in Japan. I harvested , Daikon (typoe of radish), Gobo(burdock) and cabbage in my mother’s garden. I cooked Daikon and Gobo with Dashi. I made small rolled cabbage made with ground Chicken and Tofu inside cooked in Japanese soup stock hint of tomato flavor. My mother was not sure about rolled cabbage at first. After she ate one, she loved it and asked another one. She gradually gained her appetite and started eating more. By the time I left her house, she could make Sticky rice or Mochi and teach us how to prepare fresh octopus and sea cucumber which my uncle fished. I told her that I would be back to cook for her in May if she is well.
After I came back to Seattle, my sister told me that doctor told the test results of our mother is better than her last visit.
The photos shows meals which my mother had.

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