Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Bread

I love making Christmas bread which looks pretty and tasty. It will be great center piece for your Christmas meal. The store-bought frozen dough will do fine. Only part which is time consuming is making long rope and braiding them together. I made four Christmas bread since last weekend.
I made my first holiday bread for The Seattle Food Styling and Photography Group December Meetup. I wanted to create tasty good looking food.
I received a gift of Christmas wreath from a neighbor a while ago. It gave me an idea making the wreath bread. I made a milk bread dough, made long rope, braided it to make wreath. The baked wreath was decorated with cranberries, sugar frosting, and green sugar. It looked pretty and tasted good.
The second bread for my son’s class party was made of the bread dough using eggnog. Because eggnog is made of milk, cream, egg and sugar, I exchanged egg, milk, and sugar to eggnog only. The eggnog flavor was good. I made a small wreath and candy cane shapes from braided ropes.
The third time was for my neighbor to take to the school for her son. I made wreath bread with milk dough and decorated it with cherries and pineapples. I also shaped candy-cane bread and decorated with cranberries.
The forth wreath bread was for a teen Christmas party.
I am planning to make several more for parties and a gift to my friends.