Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese Dragon year celebration

In Chinese calendar, last year was a rabbit year and January 23rd, 2012 is a year of Dragon.
My first celebration of Dragon new year was to cook and eat Chinese dinner with ‘ Seattle let us cook together’ meetup members on last Saturday.
Menu :
Two types of dumplings, Chicken and shrimp
Baked Barbecued pork bus
Beef chow mein
Steamed Chinese broccoli
Sesame ball
And Tofu pudding dessert
Ten of us cooked together and had delicious dinner together. I used recipes from various website. Among dishes, I liked Barbecued pork made for barbecued buns the best and also beef chow mein was very tasty although it is chop suey.
Here is the link for recipes:
Barbecued pork buns:
Beef Chow mein

By the way, due to snow in Seattle, I had to wait to buy ingredients until Saturday morning. I went to china town and it was too crowded and was not able to park my car. I drove far south to another Asian market. The parking was full. I parked my car 5 blocks away from the market and purchased all ingredients for the dinner. I learned not to go to Asian market on weekend close to Chinese new year day by car especially it snowed the day before.