Tuesday, January 29, 2008

British traditional food?

I am Japanese. I love cooking and eating. I like learning about all sort of food good or bad, tasty or not.
I happened to share a house with British couple and asked what the traditional British food is. I often was wondering if I can get something tasty to consider adding to my recipe selections. They told me about any roasted meat using oven, Yorkshire Pudding, and Toad-in-the hole. They described Yorkshire pudding made of the same ingredient as American Pancake but baked in the oven and served with gravy.
Being curious learning about new food, I researched a bit to find out what really Yorkshire pudding is. Definition of Yorkshire pudding from BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A192683 “Yorkshire Pudding is a traditional and popular British dish, originating from the North-east of England, which some British people find similar in appearance and consistency to a cowpat. This does not seem to stop tourists from thinking they enjoy it though. “ . It is surely British traditional food but does not sound appetizing from this description. According to website dedicated describing British culture and life: http://projectbritain.com/, Harry Potter mentions Yorkshire pudding being one of his favorite foods. I am wondering if British people still love Yorkshire pudding. Although I am not sure about Yorkshire pudding, projectbritain website made me wanting to try out other type of pudding desert served in England by reading ‘Sample Pudding Menu Served in a Restaurant in England ‘section.
How about Toad-in-the-hole? I was not able to find the definition in the bbc website above. Projectbritain has the picture of Toad-in-the-hole which was cooked sausage in the pudding. It looks like unwrapped version of pig in the blankets.
I probably will eat food above. However, I doubt my elderly Japanese parents will. I used to hear Japanese people go to England and had hard time finding food they like. I am wondering if British people go to Japan and they have hard time.