Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mc Mansions

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This blog was posted by co-owner of this blog, Daniel, accidentally instead of his real estate blog. I decided to leave this posting although this is not food blog. (FumikoB)


gilda92 said...

One thing we observed when we bought our first home in Montreal, followed by one in Kingston, Ontario and then another in Toronto, was that in Canada at least, it was wise to buy a smaller home in a desirable neighbourhood. We bought each time at a relative low point in the housing market. But as the prices rose during the housing booms,more people were looking for those smaller homes and were willing to buy them at relatively premium prices. These were not, I have to say new developments but areas of well-established older homes.

Is this relevant to your McMansions?

DanielBretzke said...

Hey Gilda, that is relevant. The McMansion and the mortgage crisis are connected. Bigger hamburgers bigger houses, bigger prices. Hopefully we will get back to reasonable sized meals and house.