Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fresh tofu

I recently found Tofu factory with Chinese restaurant near my house. I drove in front of the place often and have never known I could buy such a delicious freshly made tofu there until someone mentioned to me that she always buy tofu when she was near by. It was much inexpensive than buying tofu at any other store. I wrote my review with photos to Yelp. Then I realized someone else posted his review of the same place with different name. So there are two review pages for the same Northwest Tofu inc.:

I decided to buy tofu every Monday morning after I drop off my son at his school one block from the Tofu factory. Yes. I will be there 7:50am in Monday morning.


gilda92 said...

Hi Fumiko
When I lived in Toronto (Canada) I used to buy fresh tofu all the time. There were quite a few tofu businesses in Toronto so you could sample fresh tofu from different makers. When I had bought too much I froze it. Mmmm. Quite different from the fresh and really delicious in sauced dishes. The frozen tofu seems to absorb the flavour of a sauce even more than the fresh. Good eating!

fumikob said...

My Japanese elderly neighbor lady told me that I should make Tofu by myself. I may try to make my own some day. But for now I will buy 80cents fail safe fresh Tofu from Northwest Tofu Inc. 10 minutes away from my house.